The Wired Nonprofit 2012

This is the Class Blog for the Spring 2012 NYU Master's Class, "The Wired Nonprofit: Social Media Strategy and Practice" team-taught by Marcia Stepanek, Howard Greenstein and Tom Watson for NYU's Heyman Center for Philanthropy and Fundraising.

Mar 27

Tweeting For a Better World

Tweeting For a Better World: Essentials of Social Media Strategy for Smaller Nonprofits

This is a helpful PDF I came across from a Bridgespan email.

"Recognizing the need to build the social media capacity of nonprofits, the Rita Allen Foundation began a pilot project last spring to help six grantees plan effective social media strategies. This report summarizes the findings of that project and provides practical insight into how these organizations plan to use social media to advance their missions," By Sivan Nemovicher, Elizabeth Good Christopherson, Jill Nagle, and Jonathan Kartt