The Wired Nonprofit 2012

This is the Class Blog for the Spring 2012 NYU Master's Class, "The Wired Nonprofit: Social Media Strategy and Practice" team-taught by Marcia Stepanek, Howard Greenstein and Tom Watson for NYU's Heyman Center for Philanthropy and Fundraising.

Apr 17

Getting down to the wire

We’re nearing the end of classes and the time when things are due. So I’m going to go “off plan” and instead of previewing material from the next class, I’ll just share a few articles that may actually help you with your final papers. 

We don’t really emphasize search marketing as part of class. However, as anyone who has looked at a typical site’s analytics will tell you, many, many people find you because of search. So, learning about how social media affects search results is a good idea.

Digiday reports: 

Natural search results are very much intertwined with social media. Social media is teaching people to interpret and filter their inputs based on their social network. People trust each other more than they trust branded content. The opportunity for brands lies in cultivating loyal customers so they then go on to market the brand to their friends.

You can read about “Social’s Hidden Power: Search Rankings" for more. While we’re at it, why not use "Social Media to Test Email Subject Lines?” Seems like a great use of social to see what your audience responds to. 

Additionally, we’ve discussed LinkedIn but it often doesn’t rise to the level of ‘must engage in’ when we discuss strategy in class. Perhaps that’s why it’s called “The Forgotten Social Network" in this article. Not only can you run ads that target top executives - you can also make sure your company updates are targeted to specific people. Maybe cause marketing efforts are targeted to top people in companies? Get creative. 

Enjoy your week off, and don’t forget to attend the panel tomorrow night if you can. 

- Howard Greenstein